Sunday, August 25, 2013

Reminiscing The Past...

I still remember my very last day in Rochester. It was June 6th 2013. Like usual, I attended ICR (Islamic Center of Rochester) to say my fajr prayer with muslim community in Rochester. As most of my friends had gone back already, I was just alone going to the ICR that morning. After fajr’s lecture (kuliah subuh) by Imam Ismet, I met the people there to tell them that I would be going back to Malaysia for good. Indeed, it was a very melancholy day in my entire life. The sun rose brightly in the morning, but at about 10 am in the morning, it started to rain the whole day as if Rochester did not want me to leave her…:P

Back in the ICR that morning, I met Dr Irsyad, the professor of criminal justice in RIT. He said to me:

“So are you leaving today? It is a very sad day for us in Rochester. Surely we will miss you. I pray to Allah, may you become successful person in the future, and may He grant you beautiful and solehah wife. I pray to Allah, may He gather us back here. If not here, may we gather in jannah.”

That morning, along the way home, I was driving alone and I never felt such feeling in my life. It was indescribable feeling that I had that morning. To be accurate, it was a mixed feeling. I was happy as I would go back home as a successful degree holder to meet my family, but in the meantime I would leave these lovely people, community, and place.

Actually, there were a few uncles who always advised me on the same matter. Marriage. Usually, we will have a short conversation after fajr or maghrib prayer. The point that they always insist, if I wanted to seek for a spouse, make sure religion (deen) is the priority. I miss those people in Rochester who always gave me advices, who always encouraged and supported me to do good deeds. I pray may Allah accept all their du’a upon me and may Allah bless the entire Muslim community in Rochester.

Leaving Rochester for good.

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Mohamad Suhaimi bin Ramli said...

Indeed, what I miss the most is the Masjid community in Rochester. I miss the Fajr kuliah, and also the khutbah without text read by our beloved Imam, Imam Ismeth..