Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wahai Pemuda Pemuda...

Salam to all my friends, may Allah bless all of us.
Amma ba’d.

Could you guess what topic I want to bring up for this time around? It is a topic that the people around my age like to talk about. You got the hint? This topic out of sudden emerges on my mind. Rasulullah SAW said:

"Wahai pemuda-pemuda, sesiapa yang mampu di antara kamu (mempunyai belanja serta keinginan) hendak berkahwin, hendaklah ia kahwin, kerana sesungguhnya perkahwinan itu akan memejamkan matanya (terhadap orang yang tidak halal dilihatnya) dan terkawal kehormatannya dan sesiapa yang tidak mampu berkahwin hendaklah ia berpuasa, bahawa puasa itu menjadi benteng". ( Riwayat Muslim )

Actually I just want to share a video with all of you guys. It is about nikah khitbah. I do not know what had happened to Rochester's weather this year. Supposedly it is spring but the weather is just like summer; but I enjoy the weather to the fullest. The problem is, the minah salehs wear clothes like how poor people dress. You know right? It is not good for single people (just like me). Allah commands to all men believers in Surah Annur verse 30th:

“Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what they do.” (24:30)

Allah also commands the same to all women believers in the next verse of the same surah.

Ok, let’s put aside about minah salehs. The current situation in Malaysia cannot be taken for granted too in this matter. We can see, day to day that illegitimate children become more and more. It is worsen when all the illegitimate registered babies are from Malay Muslim Youths. This is serious matter guys! Sometimes I am thinking what happens to some of Malaysian parents’ mentality. They give permission to their son or daughter to go hanging out together with opposite gender people but in the meantime, when their children ask permission to get married, they got a very pessimistic thought about marriage at the young age (my parents are excluded).

“Go and finish your study first”

“Nak bagi makan pasir”

 Ok, I will not go further about this since I am not a parent. 

For those who have found a righteous person (instead of mr. right), I pray for me and all of us, may Allah make us easy to get married. Adultery happens  rampantly nowadays when we Muslim put aside Alquran and Assunnah. Rasulullah SAW said:

“perkahwinan yang paling berkat adalah yang paling murah maharnya” (maksud hadith)

When Rasulullah said it is more blessing to have a simple one, why do we want to make it difficult?
Indeed, we need to shift our paradigm.

Tak de photographer, tak de majlis resepsi, tak de pelamin, tak de karaoke pun tak pe sebab benda tu hanya membazir dan tak mengundang keberkatan Allah pun.

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Izzati Haata said...

Indeed, the beauty of Islam is when He made the practices in ease and not a burden to be carried.

Not to blame the mentality only, youths should play their parts too.

Educate, spread the words, portray the best image of a Muslim, mukmin who they can convince to follow


Syafadzilah Ab. Wahab said...

lawak la yg pasal minah saleh tu.hehe. :)

Mohamad Nazrul Fazli bin Abdul Mutalib said...

Izzati: nice point. we should play our role, may be by explaining to the parents about the current situation. besides that, we must prove them that we are big enough to hold this responsibility. just my two cents..:)

Syafa: hehe. term minah saleh sengaje digunakan so that kite dah boleh gambarkan macam mane diorang ni.:)

Encik Macho said...

not all minah saleh tu tak solehah ;p

untung dok us ada gak waktu mereka tutup..kat mesia panas all year round semua pun buka sentiasa..again, not all la kan :)

Mohamad Nazrul Fazli bin Abdul Mutalib said...

point noted and taken..:)
bile la nak datang rochester buat kali ke 2 ye akhi?hehe.
mai2.kita minum kopi ke, minum teh ke..