Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A New Saga...

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After all, this is  my schedule for spring quarter.  Every day except for Friday, I have Bioenergy Microbiology Product class from 8 am till 8.50 am and this is not a problem for me since I am a morning person.  This class is so interesting because I learn about bioethanol, biobutanol, biodiesel and other forms of energy to run the vehicles. According to Dr Lodge, the price of gasoline in New York will not hike to 4 USD per gallon but for me 3.59 USD per gallon (current price) is considered expensive. Why I am so concerned about gasoline's price right now? RIT students supposed to know why.^__^. A part from that, I also take Molecular Biology and Organic Chemistry III classes which are required courses to complete my major. Another special topic is Fundamental of Plant Biochemistry (the green one) which I just added today. So the total credit hour for this quarter is 15. I have one night lab (organic chemistry) and one evening lab (molecular biology). What I expect in this ‘blossom’ quarter is to get deeply understanding in those classes I am currently taking and get flying colors grade as well. Now, the event I am waiting the most is lilac festival where I can see beautiful and colorful flowers blossom at the Highland Park in Rochester. I had been in that place during the fall break and you guess what I found; it’s just a cemetery site of the US armies who died in Vietnam War. Lastly, to all my dear RIT friends, I would like to wish happy new quarter and may Allah grant us excellence throughout this spring quarter.

Seeru a’la barakatillah..

                                            I enjoy watching sunrise in Rochester

                                                   The twilight saga of RIT

Thank you Allah for every thing you have given to me. i am surrounded with a good environments, helpful & kind friends, and a very good Muslim community. Alhamdulillah a'la kullihal..:)


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