Monday, June 29, 2009

ReMiniSCing ThE PASt......

Salam to all.

Today, it is exactly 365 days or one year I have become Intec student and I have another one year to complete my foundation in Intec, Insya Allah.

My friends (ADFP) who have been sponsored by Mara will leave me and they will fly to the States in this coming August. I really appreciate the moments to be in the class with some of them.

I don’t have to write a lot but lets the pictures describe everything about the moments we had.

We broke the fast together during Ramadhan (Jackson fall 08),

We went outing together (Jackson fall 08)

We joined the parade and won together (Jackson spring 09)

We learnt Calculus II together with Miss Pauline Mah, the most sporting lecturer in Intec (Glendale summer 09)

And we always helped each other especially in completing our assignments

Although we will be far away from each other, but we still can keep on contact (YM, Facebook, Friendster, etc….)

Celebrating Adib......

Raja: Master of Calculus and computer Software

eating donuts with Nizam (two days before calculus final test
p/s:nizam,i'll remember this moment)

Waiting to Fly???

From the left: adib, Raja,Danial and Syahir

Lastly I would like to apologize to all of you if had committed wrong along with all of you and hopefully our bonding will remain till the end of our life.


Matt said...

mkan piza x ajak aku.
mlm (yg shakir n ikhwan mai) tu hg xgtaw aku pun


Nazrul Fazli said...

"diskriminasi menjatuhkan aku"
alah hg pi GMI la.
klu hg ada insya Allah aku ajk punya

Anonymous said...

eh. eh . eh.
"Raja - Master of Calculus and computer software "

isk2.." Master of Calculus (???) "

teknik sastera yang menekankan penggunaan unsur sarkasme. hu2

THALHAH said...

mujahidmadani: sedar2 la diri tu dah master comp software...

dah jiniyus tu jiniyus la hugak...takde sarkas2nye..ha3