Friday, May 20, 2011

The Road To Wisconsin

Alhamdulillah, I am done with spring quarter and next week I am going to Wisconsin because there will be held Midwest Games 2011 there.  We will depart from Rochester on Wednesday morning, insya Allah with six cars and one MPV. For this time around, RIT has sent a soccer team for the Midwest Games. It does not matter whether we win or not but for me the most important thing, I can meet with my friends from various universities in the USA to strengthen the bonding (ukkhuwah) between us. Starting from last week, we have been training at the field around the campus. Let’s enjoy looking at our training session’s pictures. 

"Kalau kita tak menang, kita menang gaya" (Syamir Aizat)

Gigih Berlatih

Hari Yang Indah Di Rochester

Boot Ini Telah Berpindah Kaki

Second Goalie

Goalie Utama

Pukul 8.00 malam tapi masih di padang

May Allah ease our journey to Wisconsin,insya Allah.
For those who are going back to Malaysia, plan your holidays wisely and treat your families kindly..:)

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