Friday, May 29, 2009

i Am hyDRoPhiliC.....

Assalamualaikum I wish to all my friends.

NIzam (blue Shirt):manager for this special program

If you want to throw into the water which the depth is more than 2 meters, just go ahead and you will see that I will not sink. Is it because my density less than water density? Absolutely that is not the reason.

The reason is, I have joined swimming course organized by Res-Q team twice and I am sure that anybody who go there also learn the basics about swimming.

New INTEC bus driver:sharifudin shukri

First thing first, I learnt the breaststroke style from Encik Zainuddin, Res-Q team Adviser. Actually it is very easy to learn this style of swimming. Before that I also learnt on how to inhale the oxygen when I am in the water. For a newbie like me, it was a happy moment when for the first time I can swim. For the second class of swimming, I learnt how to afloat in the deep water. After we know the techniques, the thing goes very easy. It is very amazing when I experience myself floating in the deep water.

For a standard rate, you must pay RM80 per hour to the coach but if you join Res-Q, you can have 2 hours swimming class for free on every Wednesday from 20/5/09 to 24/6/09.

I would like to invite all INTEC students to join this swimming class as we are very free during this summer semester. Every day, most of the classes start at 8.00 or 8.30 a.m. and finish two hours later. Don’t you feel boring after that?

Practicing at Sungai Gabai

Come on!! let’s grab this golden chances for free.


THALHAH said...

looking forward to swimming next wed...

suhaimi ramli said...

I still hydrophobic..harap2 tak tenggelam ke dasar lautan dalam..huhu

Nazrul Fazli said...

to talhah: i hope i can see u at swimming pool next week insya Allah

to suhaimi: we still have much time to don't worry.keep practicing

Adib said...

hidup swimming class