Sunday, November 14, 2010

InnA Halalan bAyyiN....

Salam to all, may Allah bless all of us.
Amma ba’d.
                                                   Muslim community at Rochester

                                                         Malaysians @ Rochester

I am so lucky to be a Muslim. Islam discusses every facet in our life; from we wake up early in the morning till we go to bed to sleep at night. Unfortunately today, Islam is always being blamed to the setback. They (kafir) plan to bring down Islam but they can never do that as Allah has affirmed in the holy Koran:

It is He who has sent His messenger with guidance and religion of truth, that He may proclaim it over all religions even though the pagan (mushrikun) may detest it” (61:09)

 For this time around, I would like to stress out the importance of searching Halal food. Why this is so important? Let us thoroughly review what Rasulullah (PBUH) had said thousands years ago:

Everybody that is nourished unlawfully, Hell would be his abode.” (Bukhari)

This supposed to be a good reminder for us, Muslims that we should consume only halal (lawful) products in our life. Being a Muslim, we must consider the food that will enter our stomach as it will affect our life. I am pretty sure that you have heard about this proverb “You Are What You Eat”. If you consume the halal and good food, then your actions, speeches, and behaviors will be good too. This is the reason why nowadays we could see the children disobey their parents, the students are lazy to do the home works or assignments, and the youths have no respect to the elders. It might be the effects of haram or masbooh food that they have consumed. In US, I have to be more careful when to buy the food and personal items as there is no “halal” sign printed on the product (In Malaysia I have to be careful too although there is halal sign printed on the products but most of food products in my house are bought at HPA Mart). Everything I want to buy here, I must check at Muslim Consumer Group to make sure it is halal. Yes, it is not easy to live as a Muslim in non-Muslim country but I take it as a challenge in life to be here.
                                                #1 cookies in US

                                                     Fresh Juices

                                                     Fresh Milk
                                                     All pictures were taken @ Walmart

My advice to myself and all of you, if you want to do something in life ask yourselves  first, “is it sharia’h compliance?” if it is not, just leave it or otherwise, you are inviting Allah's wrath.
P/S click here for information about non-halal food products in US supermarkets...Credit to Nur Nabihah Bt. Hashim

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