Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MaI naK hABaq kat haNgPa.......

Salam to all,

Alhamdulillah I wish for everything that He has given to me as His servant who is weak and forgetful to Him. I am officially staying in Cemara right now, a new place but not so estrange for me. For this time around, I would like to share my feelings being here. I want to tell you 10 things why I like staying here.

1. I got new roommates who are kind, hardworking, and smart. This can boost up my spirit to study hard and smart.

2. My room also is quite near with the surau and there are no reasons why I cannot perform jamaah prayer (unless I am sick or overslept hehe...).

3. My room is very near with the cafeteria which the foods are very cheap. So I don’t have to walk about 800 meters like in Cendana to get my food. (Still Cendana is a conducive place to study).

4.  Alhamdulillah praised to be Allah as I got the room which the toilet is in good condition. A few of my friends condemn that they got a room which the toilet is bad and stinky….

3.  5. My neighbors here also are very kind (1/411:Ameerul,Talhah,Badrul Munir and Che Engku Amin)


6.   6. My room which is located at the fourth level is very strategic as the mosquitoes cannot fly until this level. Insha Allah I could eschew myself from being threatened by dengue.


7.   7. Cemara also is quite near with Intec. It takes only four minutes driving from here to Intec. (hari-hari tumpang kereta Amin.Tq Amin jasamu dikenang)

       8.The facilities here such as printing and Xerox shop, laundry, ATM, and groceries (Mydin etc…) just a walking distance. (kena kawal bajet betul-betul ni)


       9. There are many futsal courts here. So, I don’t have to go to Sports Planet anymore.

10. Last but not least,From my room, I can see the evergreen of the trees here which makes my day is always fresh.

Even though I am in Cemara but Cendana is still in my mind. Whether Cemara or Cendana, both have advantageous and disadvantageous and I enjoy staying in both Cendana and Cemara.

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