Friday, September 5, 2008


more.when i can revise all of these subjects????

The solutions is easy.Verily! it is very easy.

first of all you need to do is, identify your Priority.

As a Muslim we know that our Priority is to

worship Allah.Second is step you must have a good

relationship with people surrounding you(parents,

lecturers,friends). please avoid coupling because it vividly forbidden by our

Omnipotent God. To succeed is not an easy task in life, but Allah had stated that the triumph is

only in the truth religion(Islam).So take back our prophet heritages, Al-quran & As-sunnah as our

guidance in life. easy right?

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suhaimi ramli said...

Ya benar sekali kat-kata akhi. Sememangnya ana pun baru sedar akan kebenaran itu sejak akhir-akhir ini. Sesungguhnya al Quran itu mukjizat terbesar bagi kita umat akhir zaman. Assalamualaikum.