Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Salam. How are you getting on dude? I hope all of you are always in fine. For a long time I haven’t updated my blog; it is because the constraint of time.

A few weeks ago, three officers from Lincoln Research Center came to Intec. They came to give information about studying in the US. All ADFP students were compulsory to attend the talk. At first, I thought the talk was boring but my perception was wrong because it’s crucial for me when studying in the US soon, Insha’Allah. So, I gave my full attention to the talk.

A thing that I want to highlight in the talk is, when one of the officers said that most of the American girls lose their virginity around 18-19 years old. After that, the whole hall was very noisy with the “whoooo”. It seems that the Malaysian students’ especially Malay students who are Muslim are very obsessed to hear about that. A friend of mine, Wei Ji sat beside me sat and he said “memalukan rakyat Malaysia aje!” I was really shocked when Wei Ji said like that. It’s because I never heard Wei Ji used Malay before this; this was the first time I heard he used Malay. However, the real shock is, How could a non-Muslim became more sensitive to this matter. On that day, when I went back to Cendana(my hostel), I had a ‘close discussion’ about the matter occurred in the hall with some my friends. What happen to the Malay students? One of them said that Malay students have a crisis identity. They forget their own customs and cultures which are polite, gentle, and respect each other. I don’t know whether this is true or not. I have no idea. What’re your opinion guys? Verdicts are yours.

how clean the road is?

Let’s quit about that. Besides that, the officers also commented about Malaysian’s behavior which likes to throw the rubbish everywhere and if possible she wants to ask the person to take back the rubbish. Once again I felt so ashamed; I couldn’t deny her statement. When you go the US, you will find that their country is clean. Prophet Muhammad PBUH had asked us to keep our surrounding clean. Why don’t we follow????

However, Americans also have habit that is not suitable to be practiced by eastern people; they swear a lot. It is not a shock when you perambulate around your campus and then you see a small quarrelling among the colleges. You will hear the disgusting words. ”sh*t man!”,”hey f**ker! You son of a bi*ch.”

But I must admit that America has all that we desire. You want to go skiing, fishing, camping, dining….? Yes they have everything. Besides that, they are very creative and they think faster than us. It is a challenge for me to further my study there.

winter in Pennsylvania

So, for those who will be studying in the US soon, are you ready????

Thank you to JPA for giving me two-year foundation in Malaysia so that I will be ready physically and mentally to study there.

Lake Michigan. a place like no other. is it?

a mosque in Dearbon,Michigan.

Michigan State University
Indiana University,Bloomington
Aurora in Alaska, Subhanallahil A'zim

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Wei Jie said...

I think you were more surprised to hear those words coming out from the mouth of a person who enjoys discussing about sex than to hear it coming out from a non-Muslim. :P Haha...

Firstly, all religions frown upon pre-marital sex. So, it is not really surprising to hear that coming from a non-Muslim. In fact, I actually think Catholics have a more conservative view on sex compared to Islam because they view sex as a form of procreation only and nothing else. As such, the Catholic church frowns upon the usage of contraceptives, and even masturbation. Ironic, huh?

Anyway, back to the point. I was frowning on the people in the hall because of the way they act in front of a foreigner. By going "whooooo" at the mere mention of "girls losing virginity at 19" shows their sexual immaturity and their closed minds. It is as though as they are thinking that US is a heaven where they can finally lose their virginity, something that they cannot do in Malaysia.

Or it could mean that the idea of pre-marital sex is so new to them, they get over-excited at the thought of it.

In any case, it shows the great immaturity in their minds.

And when you factor in the fact that we are "sponsored scholars of the country" and the so-called "cream of the crop", what do you think the foreigners will think of us now? They'll certainly be thinking that we Malaysians are so closed minded when even the "excellent students" act like that.

I don't think Americans would go "whoooo" at the mention of pre-marital sex. It is a rather serious issue, and we shouldn't be "whoooo"ing like how sex maniacs do.

That said, I have nothing against pre-marital sex because we can't really question someones sexuality, for that would be disrespecting people's stand.

But as a person with immense interest in sexuality studies, I have a tooth to pick over sexually immature behavior.

Anyway, nice post. :D